Gluten and Dairy Free Mayonnaise

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Mayonnaise for a Flavor Explosion

If innovation is so important, why not try it for your taste buds too? One game changer for those with special dietary needs who are looking for flavors that do not compromise health benefits are plant-based alternatives. Among these, vegan mayonnaise has become a condiment catering to dietary restrictions while tantalizing the taste buds with its rich and creamy texture. Try our kosher-certified Dairy and Gluten Free Mayonnaise.

For brunch with friends in mind, think about adding our Basil Vegan Mayo which will provide a dash of coolness and smooth texture to your dishes. It is made up of chickpeas, sunflower oil, white beans and smells like fresh basil leaves. Go on a delicious journey through your palate with sour notes from lemon juice and mustard toppings. Our wholesome Basil Vegan Mayo will caress your taste buds with unique flavor in every bite.

Garlic makes boring sandwiches or burgers into culinary masterpieces; Garlic Vegan Mayo will make you want to eat it by the spoonfuls because it’s so creamy and sweet as well! Made from top-quality ingredients such as chickpeas, sunflower oil, and other beans while being dressed in roasted garlicy richness this dressing serves you right on pasta or tacos even those considered ‘’bland’’.

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      A Collection of Our Wholesomeness and Taste for VMayos

      Preparing brunch for a few friends? Rely on our Basil Vegan Mayo to bring out the much-needed aroma of freshness with creaminess. It is a fantastic combination of chickpeas, beans, sunflower oil, and fresh basil smell. Experience your taste buds travelling sweet-sourly with lemon juice and mustard’s sourness. Our pure Basil Vegan Mayo was perfected especially for you to have different tastes in every bite.

      Garlic rescues dull sandwiches and burgers by transforming them into culinary masterpieces. The velvety texture of our Garlic Vegan Mayo gives dishes a sophisticated air while its flavor is subtly sweet. It is made from quality ingredients like chickpeas, sunflower oil and beans that are mixed together with roasted garlic making it ideal as sandwich spread or pasta dressing or even flavor enhancer in tacos too. You will create recipes full of complexity and personality when our Garlic Vegan Mayo accompanies you.

      Looking for some daring and tangy bites? Try out Sriracha Vegan Mayo! It places itself right in between the burning hot taste and a creamy texture. This mayo is gluten-free, teasing your tongue with red hot pepper spiciness just enough to make it flavorful while not being too intense on the senses. Be prepared to bite into a sandwich or dip your fries into Sriracha Vegan Mayo for a special experience.

      Give your boring salads a pink hue and increase their attractiveness with our BEET Vegan Mayo. This combines earthy flavors of roasted beets with silky Mediterranean sauce to be an ideal companion for salads, dips, and burgers. The ingredients which compose this mayo are of the highest grade – sunflower oil, chickpeas, mustard, spices which lend creaminess to any food.

      You can indulge in our Coleslaw VMayo having tang and acidity as a classical dressing or just use it as a condiment on top of your fries or burgers. Fresh carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, sunflower oil, chickpeas and mixed vegetables make freshness its promise in every mouthful.

      Mendoza’s Carrot VMayo makes your tacos and wraps more appetizing by simply adding Golden Carrot flavoring as part of its contents. It is made with carefully selected sunflower oil, chickpeas, and premium carrots to ensure that every spoonful delivers an explosion of freshness and natural goodness. 

      Apart from our nutritious and creamy range of mayos, our Original Vegan Mayo is an ideal choice for every vegan dish. It combines protein-rich chickpeas with lemons and bold mustard for a synchronous flavor. Infused with sunflower oil and natural ingredients, our original vegan mayo ensures a wholesome experience with every spoonful.

      Whether you’re looking for healthier alternatives or simple bold flavors, explore our range of delicious Kosher-certified mayos and embark on a flavorful journey your tastebuds will thank you for.